Jason Winters Tea

Tokyo Female in her 40s

I felt backed up whenever I went to the bathroom in the mornings, but after I started drinking Jason Winters Tea I started to feel relieved.

Saitama Female in her 40s

The tea's diuretic effect helped alleviate the swelling in my legs.

Chiba Male in his 70s

I was constantly worried about my health but after drinking Jason Winters Tea for two months, I started to feel much more confident about my health.

Tokyo Female in her 30s

I usually visit a beauty salon at least once a month to have them treat my face and I always check how the facial massage affects my skin condition. After drinking Jason Winters Tea for a month, I started to feel confident about wearing no makeup. Now, I don't have to visit the beauty salon anymore.

Sun Healing

Koyama City in their 80s

I purchased the Sun Healing Neckless after JA recommended it to me. After using it for just one day, I felt that my body temperature started to rise especially in the neck area. I love it.

Koyama City in their 70s

I used to have so much stiffness in my shoulders that I could not go without using heating pads. As I started using the Sun Healing Neckless, the number of times I needed to use heating pads dramatically went down. A lot of times I even forgot that I had such problems.

Ashikaga City in their 60s

I had trouble raising my arms which affected my daily activities. But since I started using the Sun Healing Neckless, it has helped me raise my arms again.

Sun Sleep

Nasu-Shiobara City Female in her 20s

I found out about Sun Sleep last fall. I happened to be back at my parent's place when a Sun Lead salesperson came by and explained to my family about the bedding. I have been dealing with low body temperature so my mother recommended it to me. Now my body temperature is up, the low body temperature in the leg/hip area has improved and am returing to college with a lot of energy.

Nasu-Shiobara City Female in her 60s

My husband was suffering from lower back pain but wos surprised after it disappeared from using Sun Sleep. I have decided to buy one for myself.

Sakura City Female in her 70s

The pain in my knees is gone and now I can roll over during sleep without any problems.

Maoka City Male in his 60s

I have always been conscious about my health so when someone from JA recommended Sun Sleep, I decided to get one. I stopped being worried after ot was recommended by JA. I have been using it for a long time.

Tamura City Male Teenager

I had hurt my lower back during tennis practice and had to skip a lot of practices. I started using Sun Sleep Yasuragi and the lower back pain is now gone. Now, I can practice without any problems.



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