Privacy Policy

Sunlead Corporation would like to improve the lives of our customers by satisfying their health-related needs.

In order to achieve this goal, the personal information of our customers is an essential and important information asset.

Our company considers the protection of personal information the most important factor in ensuring that our customers feel safe and secure, and so we put our utmost efforts into accomplishing this.

Our company and its members will abide by these rules to protect our customers’ personal information :

  1. Our company will put its utmost effort into handling customer personal information safely under the supervision of the chief privacy officer.
  2. Our company will not use customer personal information for objectives other than what both parties have agreed upon.
  3. Our company will act promptly and accordingly in response to customer inquiries and requests for changes.
  4. Our company will provide seminars to our members regarding the law and other rules related to personal information.
  5. Our company will abide by the rules of personal information protection laws and other social rules, and will continue its efforts to further the advancement of personal information protection.

Initiatives on Personal Infomation

1.What is Personal Information?

Our company’s understanding of personal information:

  1. Personal Information obtained from phone calls, fax, emails, and letters/postcards
  2. Personal Information obtained from various campaigns and questionnaires.
  3. Personal Information obtained from transactions and interactions during after-sales service such as purchase history and usage.
  4. Personal Information obtained from resumes and curriculum vitae during the hiring process.

2.Usage of Personal Information

Personal Information will be specifically used as follows:

  1. For the delivery of ordered products, delivery of direct mail describing products and services, catalogs, etc.
  2. Regarding after-sale services, for product instruction manuals and repair service, and other product-related information
  3. For survey purposes, campaigns and prize-drawing
  4. For Credit decisions and credit management regarding the payment of shopping credit.
  5. Personal Information regarding employment will not be used to send direct mail related to products and services and will be used solely for the hiring process.

3.Deposition of Personal Information

Our company will not disclose any customer personal information to a third party unless outsourcing to an outside party is required. Examples are listed below.

  1. Consigning with delivery companies to ship ordered products, repaired products, and replacements.
  2. Consigning with manufacturers and factories for repair services

4.Deletion of Personal Information

When a customer makes a request for the deletion of his/her personal information, we follow appropriate procedures and delete the information from the database.

However, our company reserves the right to stop providing information regarding product warranty and manufacturer recalls as well as after-sales service after the deletion of personal information.



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